Nicolas Millet

With vineyards dating back to 1700s, Bernard and Pierre Millet created the domaine in the 1930’s. They considered the soils perfectly adapted to vines and decided to start planting to produce grapes and wines of the highest quality. Nicolas Millet (9th generation winemaker at the property) took over the estate in 2010. Nicolas continued the tradition and created a mosaic of 40 different plots, and a domaine of 19.25 hectares planted with Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.



Sancerre - Les Garennes - White
Sancerre - Le Chêne Marchand - White
Sancerre - Les Grands Champs - White
Sancerre - Le Vallon - White
Sancerre - La Marne - White
Sancerre - Le Crot A L'Âne - Rosé
Sancerre - Les Rimbardes - Red