Maison Desprat ST Verny

In the heart of France sits the wine region of the Southern Loire valley, 2 hours west of Burgundy at the headwaters of the Loire river. AOP Auvergne & IGP Puy de Dôme appellations are nestled in the UNESCO World Heritage site Chain of Puys, 80 volcanos following the Limagne fault line. Pre Phylloxera, Auvergne was the 3rd largest wine growing region, who only began replanting in 1950s and have started regaining notoriety with 350ha now planted in the appellation. The Desprat family have been making wines in Auvergne since 1885. Volcans d’Auvergne is now managed by the 5th generation Pierre Desprat and his two daughters Lea & Lucie. One of 10 volcanic AOP appellations in the world, they strive to highlight the rare terroirs of ash, lava & basaltic deposits in all of their wines.



Puy de Dôme – Chardonnay – Lava – White
Puy de Dôme – Gamay – Eruption – Red
Puy de Dôme – Pinot Noir - Magma – Red