Domaine Pertuizet

Originally from the region of Bresse, Anaïs Pertuizet established her domain in Lantignié in 2021. After 5 years of studying viticulture and wine making, Anais worked in multiple wine regions around the world developing her style and organic, low intervention philosophy. Born and raised in a farming family Anais was pre destined to work & spend her
time outside. Given the opportunity in Lantignié to take residence in her mentor’s cellars she purchased 2.5 HA of vineyards laced in blue stone terroir to start her own winery. Accompanied only by the best assistant, Irokoi the Draft horse.
Farming philosophy: Organic & Biodynamic farming practices. Everything is done by hand, or by horse, no machine use. 1st year organic conversion.



Beaujolais Lantigné – Red