Domaine Rostaing-Tayard

Rostaing Tayard is based in a relatively unknown region just outside of Lyon called ‘The Coteaux de Lyonnais’. It’s just beyond Northern Rhone and just South of Beaujolais, sandwiched between the two regions. The influence of Beaujolais can be felt here with grape varieties like Gamay and Chardonnay and there are Granitic soils with blue stones which you also find in some of the top Beaujolais crus. Emmanuel trained in Beaune and spent his early career at one of the most celebrated wineries in Burgundy, Domaine Lafarge, he has also worked at Burn Cottage in New Zealand, both specialists in Biodynamic viticulture. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience back to his hometown (Savigny) where he is deeply passionate about saving the historic vineyards of his area and bringing this
relatively unknown region to the attention of the wine world.
Farming Practice : Organic and Demeter Biodynamic conversion.



Côteaux du Lyonnais – Le Chant du Loup – White
Côteaux du Lyonnais – Le Coeur des Hommes – Red
Côteaux du Lyonnais – Ultreïa – Red