Jean-Nöel Haton

Founded in 1928 by cooper Octave Haton, Champagne Haton is located in the Marne Valley, 7 kms from Epernay in the town of Damery. The Haton family has a deep history in Champagne, with winegrowers dating back to the 1600s in Damery. Father & son Jean Noël and Sébastien (3rd & 4th generation), currently own 25ha of vineyards, manage 15ha
from viticulture to vinification and purchase grapes for a volume equal to 20ha all over Champagne, including Grands Crus and Premiers Crus. Champagne Haton was one of the first RM « Recoltant Manipulant » producers and continues to be one of the top 10 most important winegrowing families still managing their own domain.
Farming philosophy : Sustainable (certified HVE 3 since 2021, their vineyards only)



Champagne - Classic - Brut White
Champagne - Reserve - Brut White
Champagne - Blanc de Blancs - Brut White
Champagne - Noble Vintage - Brut White
Champagne - Rich - Demi Sec White
Champagne - Pure - Extra Brut White
Champagne - Brut Rosé
EXTRA - Champagne Grand Cru - Brut White
EXTRA - Champagne Grand Cru - Blanc de Blancs - Brut White
EXTRA - Champagne Grand Cru - Brut Rosé