Situated as it is at Wintzenheim, near Colmar, the Domain has the benefit of an exceptional micro-climate and one of the lowest annual rainfall in the whole of France. The Domain extends to some 28 hectares (28% Riesling, 24% Pinot Blanc & Auxerrois, 21% Pinot Gris, 19% Gewurztraminer and 10% for the Sylvaner, Muscat & Pinot Noir) and has always been cultivated with respect for nature.




Vin de France PET NAT - Chante Pinot - Sparkling White
Alsace - Alsace Dream - White
Alsace - Fleur de Lotus - White
Alsace - Riesling Domaine - White
Alsace - Riesling Le Kottabe - White
Alsace- Pinot Gris Le Fromenteau - White
Alsace - Gewurztraminer Les Folastries - White
Alsace -Riesling Le Dragon - White
Alsace - Sylvaner Peau Rouge - White
Alsace - Riesling Grand Cru Hengst - White
Pinot Auxerrois - "H" Vieilles Vignes - White